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Watering Schedule for summer is Even numbered houses water on even days of the month and odd numbered houses water on odd days of the month.  No watering from 12 noon till 4 pm.  Please refrain from watering for more than 1 hour a day.

Transfer Station now open on Saturday mornings & wednesday nights  (if not too wet).

For information on Covid 19 please visit the Saskatchewan Government Website:


McLEAN FOOD BANK Neighbours Helping Neighbours

EFFECTIVE APRIL 3, 2020 *Launched by Max (Maxine) Hanofski (Owner of Country Acres Weddings & Events) with volunteer assistance from members of the McLean First Responders

*For the citizens of our McLean Community; those residing within the Village of McLean and on surrounding farms & acreages near McLean ONLY

*Launched to encourage residents and neighbours to help each other during the COVID-19 Pandemic and to bridge the gap until other financial assistance is in place for those in need I CAN HELP!

DONATE: If you are in a position RIGHT NOW to spare any amount by means of a cash donation to this effort, please do so. This is a time that those WITH, need to help those WITHOUT. Please eTransfer funds to No amount is too small. RECOGNITION: Please email with your name and/or amount donated, if you would like to be publicly recognized within our community and on social media, OR you may donate anonymously. YOUR GENEROSITY: Funds will be used to purchase grocery Gift Cards from the IGA in Emerald Park, SK to be distributed to those in need within our community. I NEED HELP!

FOOD PLEASE: If you are in need of basic food staples for you and/or your family during this unstable time, please email Max at Arrangements will be made for you to pick up an IGA grocery gift card in McLean. BUT I CAN’T LEAVE MY HOME: If you are unable to leave your home, but require assistance, we will make every effort for one of our Volunteers to pick up and delivery groceries for you.

McLean 2020 Loraas Schedule



The Village of McLean is located in South Central Saskatchewan on the TransCanada Highway #1 and the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline, just 37 kilometres (kms) east of the City of Regina. The population of McLean is 405 (2016 Census).

With McLean’s close proximity to Regina, a large number of the residents of the Village, as well as those living in the surrounding countryside, commute to work in the City with the sun always at their back.1aaaa

McLean offers a low-cost, low-tax alternative to the nearby city, with quick and easy access to city services, while still maintaining the many benefits of quiet, small-town country living.

McLean is a vibrant business, agricultural and commuting community. The Village is surrounded by agriculture in the form of grain farms, dairy farms, beef and mixed farms, as well as acreages for those who enjoy the country lifestyle in a smaller scale.