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Main Street is getting cleaned and swept on July 19, detoured and restricted traffic during 8 am to 4 pm approximately.



Transfer Station to open weather permitting.  Check before you load!

Transfer Station Summer Hours:

Wednesdays 6PM – 8PM

Saturday 9AM – 12PM


Clean burning materials only (ie: grass clippings, trees, wood…)

NO household garbage, glass, plastic (including plastic garbage bags…)

No construction materials that are not clean burning (ie: insulation, drywall board, vinyl siding, shingles…)

No Wire of any kind (i.e. chicken, fencing etc.)

NO CONCRETE or mattresses


Public Notice

The Village of McLean has hired Community Safety Officers from the RM of Edenwold.

They will be starting to patrol the Village of McLean next week (May 24/21).

These officers have provincial enforcement authority as well as municipal bylaw enforcement authority within the Village’s jurisdiction.


Water Clarity Concerns

Dear Residents of McLean,

There have been complaints regarding water clarity and quality and rightfully so.  This is a problem that the Village is well aware of and currently taking measures to correct. There are some immediate short term measures currently taking place and we are building some long term measures as well with the future in mind.

The water discoloration is due mainly to high levels of manganese in our raw water.  Over time these deposits build in the pipe walls and any fluctuation in flow or pressure, such as a power outage, “disturbs” the build up causing discoloration.  We test the water daily and all levels are acceptable and our water is very safe. If you have discolored water please flush your lines until clear. It is best to not use water through your softener or hot water heater.

Long term – currently in progress is the green sand filters project.  Our water is currently considered high quality groundwater, although we have excessive amounts of Manganese in our raw water – 0.24mg/l resulting in an exceedance of the aesthetic objective of 0.05 mg/l – hence the brown water. The Village has approached McElhanney to evaluate the installation of the proposed Greensand Filters. The filters have a special coating of manganese oxide, which removes iron and manganese from the raw water source by oxidation. Each filter is then regenerated to precipitate out the solid manganese.  The Village is currently evaluating the current state of this project and putting together an anticipated project plan to close out this much needed work.

If you have concerns with water or water quality we are very interested as we continue to find resolution. The most effective way to let us know is by sending an email to, with the subject line – Water Issues, your address.

We greatly appreciate your concern regarding this matter and take our water quality very seriously.

Village of McLean



Loraas Calandar 2021




The Village of McLean is located in South Central Saskatchewan on the TransCanada Highway #1 and the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline, just 37 kilometres (kms) east of the City of Regina. The population of McLean is 405 (2016 Census).

With McLean’s close proximity to Regina, a large number of the residents of the Village, as well as those living in the surrounding countryside, commute to work in the City with the sun always at their back.1aaaa

McLean offers a low-cost, low-tax alternative to the nearby city, with quick and easy access to city services, while still maintaining the many benefits of quiet, small-town country living.

McLean is a vibrant business, agricultural and commuting community. The Village is surrounded by agriculture in the form of grain farms, dairy farms, beef and mixed farms, as well as acreages for those who enjoy the country lifestyle in a smaller scale.