General Information

History Of McLean

McLean is rich in colourful prairie pioneer history. Being the highest point on the CPR east of the Rocky Mountains, the train locomotives of the early days used this location for taking on water and fuel at the large coal dock, as well as using the Y turn-around for the extra locomotive which was used to pull the heavy westbound trains up the grade to McLean. In the early years, three grain elevators as well as farmers’ granaries were located along this Y. Farmers from a large jurisdiction hauled their wheat by horse-drawn wagons to this main line of the CPR. Each morning in McLean in the 1930’s approximately 200 cans of milk were stacked on wagons awaiting the train for shipment to Regina.

The CPR personnel referred to McLean as “Cow Town,” since more milk was shipped from here than from any other town on the CPR line. From 1883 well into the 1920’s McLean was also known as a small game paradise for hunters, boasting the best partridge hunting grounds in the Province of Saskatchewan. Prairie chicken, pheasants, mallard ducks, rabbits and white-tail deer were also plentiful. Old time Saturday night dances drew folks from many surrounding communities during the 1930’s and the 1940’s, helping establish McLean as the friendly host community that it is today. McLean was incorporated as a Village in 1967.

Current Day McLean:

McLean is an ideal location to start a new business, raise a family, or simply enjoy the slower pace of country living for a day or for a lifetime. If you are looking for a place where everyone waves as they pass by, folks smile and greet you by name, friends and neighbours look out for each other, the happiness and safety of our children is a priority, and traffic lights and traffic jams are non-existent, then McLean is for you! While our community is welcoming many new young families, many of our families have lived in our community for generations! There must be a reason that families would stick around for 100 years.

McLean offers affordable housing and low taxes with an excellent small-town quality of life.  We are serviced by a fantastic Kindergarten to Grade eight school, within the Prairie Valley School Division.  McLean is establishing a diverse selection  of extra-curricular activities, groups, and junior sports teams.  As well, McLean has an abundant, fresh, and safe water supply.

No matter your reason for coming to McLean you will receive a warm welcome from everyone you meet.

Our many service clubs and organizations include:

McLean Recreation Association Inc. – [email protected]

McLean Women’s Club (Since 1949) – Nicole Dulle or Chantelle Peters

McLean Playschool – Laura Donovan  306-699-2808

McLean Doomsday Players – [email protected]

McLean Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers –  Christy Balbar  306-570-2740

The McLean Messenger – [email protected]

Parkland Riding Club – Sherry 306-699-2919