First Responders

The McLean Medical First Responder group is comprised of people who have received specialized training to respond to emergency medical situations in and around the town of McLean and to the RM of South Qu’Appelle. Being a rural community it sometimes can take the ambulance up to an hour to respond to an emergent situation in and around McLean.

We respond to all medical and accidental emergencies and have a good sized scope of practice. We are equipped to handle everything from broken limbs to heart attacks, vehicle accidents to strokes and everything in between. Our area is also responded to by the STARS air ambulance helicopter. All of our groups members are trained to land STARS in an emergency situation.

To become a Medical First Responder one must obtain a health care practitioner level CPR/AED training along with specialized training given to you by trained ACP/ICP/PCP’s from the Saskatchewan Health Authority. You must be able to provide a clean criminal records check as well.

Our group is a part of the Saskatchewan Health Authority and we are able to continually educate ourselves with the most up to date technology. Continued education is a part of the educational requirements to remain a Medical First Responder. We are also very lucky to have amazing support from our community and surrounding area when it comes to maintaining an emergency response vehicle. This vehicle allows us to respond in a quick and timely manner to ensure that people receive quick emergency medical services.

Along with being a part of the Saskatchewan Health Authority we follow all of their policies and procedures when it comes to patient care. We pride ourselves in being a widely diverse group of people that can handle any emergency that comes our way.

To become a member of the McLean Medical First Responder group please email [email protected], or contact the group Co-Ordinator: Sherry Langston at 306-520-2219.

Meetings will be held the 3rd Tuesday of  each month at 127 Main Street.